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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Tucker SargentMale/United States Groups :iconsupernatural-game: Supernatural-GAME
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And in the end

doesntmattewhatshereYoung Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy
Paw by Kawiku Im Actually Patrick Stump Paw by Kawiku
| male | Mated | slytherin | leo | 18 | july 25 | pansexual |
typical flaming hot teenage douchebag who enjoys gaming in his boxers and lives with his girlfriend, best friend and five dogs. I love Kingdom Hearts,Fall Out Boy and Supernatural and have been a Wayward son since September 13, 2005
I sometimes have a hard time being happy so please excuse the vents you may see come from me. I apologize in advance for any of them. im generally a nice and funny guy if you don't piss me off. I do however have a very short fuse, so its not to hard to make me angry. I spend most of my Internet time on deviantART, so you can always find me there. I will always reply to my comments it just may take a little while because i get busy. But strike up a conversation with me! Keep in mind though that im a little awkward and might say strange stuff.
X. Immature people, Liars, Supernatural Ships, Storms, Loud Noises, Bad Dreams, Purposeful Misgendering
✓. Tabby, Supernatural, Taylor Mae, The Fault in Our Stars, Monster, giraffes, Fall Out Boy, 13 Reasons Why, Jack Frost, Zombies, Sherlock, pie, my tv shows, Ketchup, Xbox 360, Pillows, Coffee, Flannel, Walks, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Video Games, Captain America, Superheros, Avengers, Jelsa, Johnlock, and Neil Patrick Harris is who i aspire to be.
i love you - plain and simple by hollyhox
♥ It took 1 second to love your looks ♥
♥ It took 1 hour to love your laugh ♥
♥ It took 1 day to fall for you ♥
♥ It takes 1 lifetime to forget you ♥
My "Pack" of Misfits

"When you have a bad day, a really bad day, try to treat the world better then it treated you"
-Patrick Martin Vaughn Stump

Art owed

CantofTogs - JD Fullsuit - $0/$300
DeadOnContact - Trade - 4/179
Kit-X-ing - Trade - 13/219
StarrysStudio JD and cross animation
Hide-N-Seek-Kyoto - Boobles - PAID
Sweetasina - Pixel of Jordan - PAID
karrev - Ref sheet, Kyle fursuit, - PAID
Dakerr - Badgerpelt, Colt, Falcon, Frost & John flats - PAID
f0xtrot - 4 chibis
AsIyum - Advent - PAID
TimidCoyote - Chibis - PAID
ThatsjuststupidChris - Anthros 1/4 - HALF PAID

I think you're my best friend

"Although my heart may be weak, it's not alone. It's grown with each new experience. And it's found a home with all the friends I've made. I've become a part of their heart, just as they've become a part of mine. doesntmattewhatshere And if they think of me now and then, if they don't forget me, then our hearts will be one. I don't need a weapon. My friends are my power!"
-Sora; Kingdom Hearts

I'll be yours, When it rains it pours,

"The Legend of the Paopu Fruit"

"If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined.
They’ll remain a part of each other’s lives No matter what.
-Riku; Kingdom Hearts I

Stay thirsty like before,Dont you know the kids arnt alright

Please don't thank me for favorites, watches, llama, etc.
I appreciate everyone one, but don't have time to reply to them all. So if i dont reply im not ignoring you! Just really busy! Do note that i read all of my messages!
I hope you have a good day, youre wonderful person, stay strong and enjoy your stay x3
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Where to find me
Friend Code: 1134-8327-4773 Skype: otherhalfofsora.jd Facebook: Tucker Sargent Pottermore: Hexghost200 Steam: Fallout_dog Sofurry: MisterWinchester

I'd do it all again

I Wouldnt Mind - He is We
I always seem to write these things while you're off having fun and hanging out with people or something along those lines. And that's alright. It leaves you something to come home to. It's been forever since I've retyped this box. I've thought long and hard about the perfect things to write here. And I finally decided. "To hell with it" I'll write what I feel, and thats it. It doesnt require that much thought to tell you how much I love you.

See. Everyone in life has a person. A best friend, A boyfriend, a sidekick, a hero, an idol, a supported, a fan. I however have managed to find all of that in one person. You. I've managed to find the one person in life that I can cry to and that I can turn around and laugh with right after. I've never felt more free than since the day you took over my life.
A lot of things happen. And our lives are no exception. We've had a busy as hell year. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. We've had our ups and downs. But we've had the best ups I can possibly imagine. You are my sweet boy. And you have no idea how much it means to me to be lucky enough to see you every single day for the rest of my life. Our story. It's an epic love story. And it just keeps going from here. Now let's get right down to the point. You make me smile so much sometimes my cheeks hurt. And you make me laugh so hard so much that my tummy hurts. It's the kind of thing that hurts, but it's the kind of hurt that I love. I love you so so much. I love that when you talk to me, your voice will crack when youre trying to be loud. I love when we sit in the car, or we sit/stand outside and I look over at you; and your eyes get so bright. I love when we stand outside together with the dogs and I complain about them. I love how silly you get, and that you make these faces for me to laugh at. I love that I can talk to you bout anything in the world. I love that you're always so warm, and when I cuddle into you, I feel safe. I love when you kiss me, I can feel that you love me. I love that you hold me at night when I ask you to, and I just. I love everything you do for me. Because they mean so much. Picking me those flowers outside, comforting me when i'm sad, making dirty comments once in a while, teasing me about my pants/shorts, etc; All of those little things you do to put a smile on my big dumb face.

I love you Tucker, you are. THE MOST amazing boy i've ever met in my life. And the best part of that? I'll have you for the rest of mine.
I can happily look at you now and forever and tell you that you are my once in a lifetime.
I've never been happier in my life, and I owe it all to you<333
I'm so fucking happy I met you, babe. You're my air.
You're my boy<33
You're my prince, my Romeo, my Augustus. My Jack, my Sherlock, my Hiccup, My Ron, my Spyron, my Sora, my Simba, My Rudolph, my everything.

I love you, sweetheart<3doesntmattewhatshere
~ Love, Tabby

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"One day when you’re in trouble, the light within you will lead you to the light of another. Someone to keep you safe.”
Aqua; Kingdom Hearts, Birth by Sleep

Don't you know that the kids aren't all, kids aren't alright

"Somewhere out there, there’s this tree with star-shaped fruit, and the fruit represents an unbreakable connection. So as long as you and your friends carry Good Luck charms shaped like it, nothing can ever drive you apart."
Aqua; Kingdom Hearts, Birth by Sleep



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