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Prepare for trouble! Make it double!

Monster Energy Drink Divider by Hide-N-Seek-Kyoto

Paw print divider by Little-Painter JD Paw print divider by Little-Painter
| mated | slytherin | leo | 19 | pansexual | escapist |
your typical teenage douchebag who enjoys gaming in his boxers
with his finacee, 5 dogs & cat. I use humor to hide that im sad, &
i get jealous over the stupidest things. My life revolves around
FullMetal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts, Fall Out Boy & Supernatural
but i also enjoy Scooby-Doo & The Nightmare Before Christmas. I
have a massive paw fetish & im obsessed with zombies. Im only
alive because i run on monster & sometimes i believe im actually
a wolf. My favorite animals are giraffes, bears & Markiplier
Its common knowledge that im a leaf village Genin, and im
always here if you need to talk.
Conventions: TFF '15, TFF '16
. . . . . . . Daniel.

▼ Ma chérie. ▼
i love you - plain and simple by hollyhox
You mean the fucking world to me.
Doc. Jazz. Emma. Mars. Mom.
Pop. Sis.Tesso. Jay. Brennly.
Squid. Namey. Summer. Tanner. doesntmattewhatshere
Priest. Sam. Danny.

"The world can suck, sure. Mostly though
it's a blank canvas. If you want to see
something brighter in it, you might
have to add it yourself."

-Patrick Martin Vaughn Stump
Supernatural by Arunaudo Fall Out Boy Stamp by TheChiza
Kingdom Hearts Series Stamp by nakashimariku Fullmetal Alchemist Stamp by Colonel-Chicken
Zombie Apocalypse - Stamp by little-misanthrope The Nightmare Before Christmas Stamp by SoraRoyals77
I love Kodiak Bears by WishmasterAlchemist I love Giraffes by WishmasterAlchemist

To unite all people within our nation!

"When I was certain he was going to kill me, my mind
went blank, & I didn't have any hope anymore & the
only thing I could do was scream my lungs out.I felt
so helpless, I couldn't even bring myself to believe
someone might save me.
Then you showed up, Al & I realized that if we don't
take care of each other, then no one else will."
-Edward to Alphonse; Fullmetal Alchemist

"Somewhere out there, there’s this tree with star-shaped fruit, and the fruit represents an unbreakable doesntmattewhatshere
connection. So as long as you and your friends
carry Good Luck charms shaped like it, nothing
can ever drive you apart."
-Aqua; Kingdom Hearts, Birth by Sleep

To extend our reach to the stars above! Jessie! James!


Hover for names; Click for refs. All Pixels are done by hoqwarts !
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Closed Species
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To protect the world from devastation!

It's been about a year and a half since I wrote you something like this. I
think I might be a little out of shape in that aspect. But you know that for
you i'll always try. So here I go!
Tucker. I can't begin to explain to you how much larger my world has
gotten since I met you. I remember laying in bed, just like I am right now.
Typing the very first box I ever wrote for you in my bedroom, listening to
"I wouldnt mind". And when I look back at that, I look at how drastically things have changed.
We've both gone through SO much in these 2 and a half years. But in the end, you
always keep my heart from being broken. We're a special kind of "us". And that's amazing to me. We both
have our own...way of doing things. I know I can be hard to deal with, and I know for a fact that i'm not easy
to talk to by any means. But you make me want to try. And you make me want to be a better person. That's
how relationships should be I think. You both want to be a better person...not because of the other. But FOR
the other. And I want to be the best I can be for you. I want to encourage you to move forward, and not look
behind you. I want to be here to make you feel as empowered, and strong as you make me feel. You've seen me
at my absolute worst. And you've seen me at my absolute best. And at both times, you make be feel BETTER.
You are by far the most amazing man I've ever met. And I mean that more than anything. You are brilliant, and
adorable, you know so many things that you teach me about as well. You're so so handsome, and you know it
too. I know you do. You are most definitely hot. And I can say in full confidence that you are the smartest
person I know. You don't have a lot of faith in yourself. But I do. I know just how amazing you are. I see it every
day. In the way you move, and the way you talk. That you're going to go far in life with me. We'll be going far in
life together. Even if that means growing up<3
Every day we have our routine. And I'm overjoyed that we can live our lives with such a routine. I love waking
up to your tired and sleepy eyes, and telling you to shower, or telling you im going to shower. I love when you
get out of the shower, and spend an hour styling your hair. I love when you make that face, and do the eyebrow
thing. I love when you let me lay all over you, or push you off the bed at night. I love getting to argue with you
about who's the big spoon, and who's the little spoon that night. I love how silly you can be. I just love it. I love
you more than anything. I have, and will continue to sacrifice everything I have for you. There's nothing I
wouldnt do for you(except butt stuff :D )
Tucker. Meeting you was pure destiny. Falling in love with you was surprising and brand new. Dating you was doesntmattewhatshere
the best thing that had ever happened to you. You proposing to me.
That's our next step. I look forward to spending the rest of my
life knowing that I made out like a bandit in life. I got the guy,
and that guy got me. And for the rest of my life, i'll be your girl<33
"When the moon fell in love with the sun...."

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

To denounce the evils of truth and love!

"The Legend of the Paopu Fruit"

"If two people share one, their destinies
become intertwined. They’ll remain a part
of each other’s lives No matter what.”
-Riku; Kingdom Hearts I



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