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Dont let them in,

i love you - plain and simple by hollyhox
♥ It took 1 second to love your looks ♥
♥ It took 1 hour to love your laugh ♥
♥ It took 1 day to fall for you ♥
♥ It takes 1 lifetime to forget you ♥
.: The Best People :.
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Exiiiguous - Art trade of Skyler - PART NOT RECEIVED
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NoodleSuperPot - JD - PAID
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I Wouldnt Mind - He is We
It's exactly 8:28pm, September 6th, and I'm sitting in your bed waiting for you to come home from this football game. I'm watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
And I'm here to retype this box<33

NOW. Let's see. Where to start.
Tuck, you KNOW how much I love you. I never miss the chance to tell you. EVER. And I know, I know. It might be annoying sometimes. It might get old, and you might get tired of it. But I always mean it more everytime I say it.
You're my world. You're everything to me, babe. You have no freaking idea. Every little thing you do means the world to me. And there's no way I could ever hesitate or be afraid to do anything with you. Sometimes I get scared, and sometimes I get sad, but not as often as i'm happy. I used to be really upset all the time, I used to not ever want to leave my room, or talk to people, anything really. After Jake died I decided I didnt want to hurt like that again. I really didnt like the horrible feeling. It was awful. That was in June. July, August, September, October, and most of November. I was resigned to spending every moment in my room, drawing. I had a couple friends, Taylor, and Yogi primarily. But I was spending less and less time with Taylor, and I was spending less and less time talking to Yogi. I met you. In July we really started talking. Or at least, That's when I REALLY started liking you. I got you a nice picture for your birthday, and I tried to draw you something..but it didnt work out very well. We were pen pals then, and I used to get so excited when I would get a letter from you in the mail, and that happened about once a week. It was wonderful. I would eagerly sit down as soon as I got it and start writing my replies, and I would think of something to draw too. Then one day, you got really upset. And I offered to be there for you. That's when our letters got slower(school too!), and we started texting more. Granted..there were some times when we didnt, but every time you text me, I got this dopy little grin on my face, and had to tell Taylor about all of our conversations(I'm sure she was about ready to kill me). Then..things started to fall apart for me. Little by little. I was getting worse I felt. And in November, the day after thanksgiving, the 26th I think, we met. I wanted to go see you SO bad. I was so nervous, and so excited. And. I didnt know if my Grandma would take me..but she did! It was the Lewisville game. And let me TELL you. It was freezing. I went to the game late, so I didnt have to sit outside for so long, and then during third quarter when they let you go roam around and stuff, you immediately came and sat next to me. ( Let me remind you that I was stealing glances at you the entire time before that!) Collin followed you as well. And I remember the very first thing I thought. "what a fucking cutie..I cant believe this is happening." Then you sat down with me.
Now, I had a plan that night. I really did. I was going to kiss you. I was going to ask you to be mine. I was going to give you my ring, and treat you how you deserved to be treated. But that night went...A LOT differently than expected. Instead, you sat down and hugged me. And ended up giving me your jacket and your hat to keep me warm. Then, I managed to make you blush. AND right when you had to go, I was able to give you my class ring. Because that's what you do. When you like someone as much as I liked you, you gave them your ring. So I did, and I remember watching you the rest of the game, and giving you your hat back, and hugging you..and not ever wanting to let go of you.
Then, after that..things really went down hill. December 1st was one of the worst nights I have ever had. And I've only had 3 really really bad nights like that. That was Jake's birthday. And even though you had just started a relationship, you were there for me. You were still there to make me feel better. And I don't think you ever really know the entire reason I was so upset that night. But it was mostly Jake. A couple weeks later..You came back to see me! It was wonderful, 3 short but wonderful days. And the first thing I did was throw my controller at the wall...graceful.
Thennnn, we walked to the park, the most wonderful memory. I was sad still about Jake, so when we walked past his house, I cried. I got quiet and had to pay my respects in my head, and then we went to the big park. But before that, we went to the little one. The one that I think marked the beginning of us. You kissed me on the cheek, and then we ended up walking to the store, and the big park, and everything else. Then in May, on the 11th, we started dating. Oh man, that must have been one of the best days of my life. I was so happy, I didnt really know what was going to happen. I just knew something big was going to happen soon with us. When Jordan left, and you kissed me. I felt amazing. I had never been kissed like that. It was our first kiss. And it felt like MY real first kiss, it felt wonderful, and made me feel loved. Then, around 9:00 or so, we walked out to your pond(I love your farm man.) We sat down in the grass, and looked up at the stars together. The moon, the stars. Those are our things, whenever I think of those..I just think about us, and vice versa. Then, we started talking, and I started shivering. I was happy, and excited, and frankly. I just wanted you to hold me. So we started dating. Right this moment, it's going on 4 months. And I've never had a better 4 months in my life. We've known each other for a year(a little more) and we've had our ups and downs, we've had tense moments, and a couple fights here and there. But not once, did I EVER leave your side. And you never left mine.
Right now though, I am the happiest girl alive. And it's all because of you. I get sad every now and then, but i'm getting better at it, sweetheart. I moved about a month ago, simply to be closer to you. And that's any relationships dream. We've made it so far in a small amount of time. And I think we're going to last. I can't see an end with you, I just can't. It's not possible, and whenever I think about it, I just get this terrible sick feeling. Then I think about moving in with you, and I get so excited. I just. I get so happy. You're everything to me, baby. We've made big steps in our relationship. But I think we have the best relationship. We can be silly, and serious. We can do chores, and goof off. But the most important thing is..we never stop putting each other first.
Even with School and stuff in the way. It's always each other first. We have so many things we share, nothing is simply Mine and Yours. everything we ours. Even money xD
But the things that i've gotten you, i'm proud to have done so. Supernatural seasons, the blanket, movies, a laptop. All of it. It means IIIII put that wonderful smile on your face.
And that's the way I like it most of all. You've gotten me the most wonderful things ever, The Perks(book and movie!), Moose stuff, Your hat, stuffed puppies, and Pokemon! And you've been there through all the bad things in my life. Jake's 1 year, My grandma dying, Yogi and Shock leaving me, Me moving out, me getting a car..all these huge things. And you've been there for them all. And that much to me.
NOW..onto you. You have no idea how amazing you are. You're brilliant, and hilarious, and silly, and goofy, and..There's so many things I love about you. You're beautiful green eyes, the way you smile at me when I say something stupid, the way you make me look at you when I know i'm about to cry and when you know I am crying, the way you put my arms around you and kiss me, the way you say my name makes me feel on top of the world. The way you know what I went when I hold out my hands. The way you know just the things I like. I especially love the way that you know everything about me. My fears, my joys, What I like and don't like...and the way you try to break my bad habits. I love the way you laugh when something is REALLY funny, and I love the way you make your voice when you're talking for Digger or Dodger and it really makes me laugh. I love the way you hold me when we sleep, and I love the way you make me lay with you when we watch movies. I love the way you come up and put your arms around me when I'm on the computer, I love those times when we sit and draw together, I love when you want me to read to you(because in all honesty, It makes me feel like i'm getting better.) and I love the way you walk when you're being silly, or when you do silly things like dance in place, or do a dance for me when I ask. I love your little fangs(even when they're biting me) and I love all the faces you make. I love that you're so awkward sometimes, and I love that you're so open with me.(smelllybutt..) and most of all. I love it when you look me in the eyes and tell me the things I don't think of myself. That i'm beautiful. Or cute. Or even when you say you love me and do that.
It makes me feel so wonderful when I'm with you. I place when I get to cuddle up next to you. It makes me feel safe and protected when you hold me, or just when your arms are around me.
I usually wear a jacket when I get nervous or anxious(and I feel like i'll be wearing one this weekend.) but I always feel just as safe when your arm is around me as I do inside my jackets.
Anyway, i'm getting off subject.
You make every day better than the last. And I can't wait until you live with me, and we can wake up to Dodger and Captain and breakfast together. Then school together. Then life.
I'm so fucking happy I met you, baby. You're my air. doesntmattewhatshere
I want us to always be cute and lovey to each other, and I want us to always be in love.
I want to keep you happy.
You are everything I've been waiting for, and I'm so glad that I would be willing to do anything for you.
You're my boy<33
Now. you'll probably fix this box up later to make it look all pretty. SO have fun with that xD

I love you, sweetheart<3
~ Love, Tabby


Girlfriend Appreciation Stamp by RebiValeskaMy Girlfriend Is Sexxxy Stamp by OckGalI fxxxxxx  love my girl by antnkrlzMy Best Friend Stamp by RecklessKaiser
I Am Nothing Without You Stamp by ladieofficalYou Are II Stamp by ladieofficalI Love You Stamp by ladieoffical
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Young Volcanos - Fall Out Boy

Your typical flaming hot douchebag teenager who enjoys gaming in his boxers at my apartment with my girlfriend and two dogs. I love Supernatural and have been a Wayward son since September 13, 2005<3 Don't bring up any of those ridiculous ships in the show because i wont tolerate it. However I am a huge fanboy of the SuperWhoLock Fandom, and ship Johnlock and Jelsa forever<3
I am currently in a relationship with this cutie.Shes the Elsa to my Jack, and John to my Sherlock<3 i have a sick fascination with Monster, ketchup, Fall Out Boy, Frozen, Jack Frost, pie and Supernatural. Neil Patrick Harris is who i aspire to be, and i love giraffes and Captian America. I can assure you i like cap more than you, im absolutely positively Captain America's biggest fan. i love him alot. I really hate immature people.
I have an incredibly hard time being happy so please excuse the large amounts of vents you may see come from me. I apologize in advance for any of them. im generally a nice and funny person if you don't piss me off. I do however have a very short fuse, so its not to hard to make me angry. I spend most of my Internet time on tumblr or deviantART, so you can always find me there.

I will always reply to my comments it just may take a little while because i get busy. But strike up a conversation with me! Keep in mind though that im a little awkward and might say strange stuff.

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Conceal, Dont feel..

Carry on Wayward Son - Kansas
Many of you have probably heard about this show from either me or someone else, but I have a much more personal attachment to it than most people do. Supernatural is a very important thing for me, i can honestly say it has saved my life many times.
I used to be really depressed all the time. I couldn't eat, get out of bed, anything. But I can remember that on my hardest days, no matter what had happened, it always ALWAYS made me happy to know that I could curl up on the bed and watch Sam and Dean kick some ass. It was always there since day one keeping me watching. All the smart remarks and action and everything about it. It just kept me going.
It was something that I could focus on and ignore the world and pain around me. This was the best distraction, and the best "get-me-up" I could have hoped for.I was never wasting time watching tv. I was watching two people, who had it so much worse than almost anyone I could imagine, working together, and feeling, and fighting. I was watching a family. A real family, like the one I had always wished I could be a part of. But more importantly, I was watching me. In ever little reference, decision, situation, or tiny detail, I saw myself and what I was going through. How I felt, and acted. I wanted to be with them so badly and that feeling of being there one day, saving people, hunting things, i just. i loved that feeling.
Supernatural has been and is something I can relate to, and insert myself into. I can understand it, even when I can't understand what's happening to me in reality. This show is something I can grasp, and count on to be there when I get home that won't blow up in my face or leave me any more alone that i already was. The only thing i dont like about this show is the ships. But i can deal with them. And i love all the actors, writers, and producers even when they hit me right in my feels.
i cannot thank this show enough and you may think im weird thanking a tv show, but without it. i wouldn't be who i am. This show is one of the most important things to me.
Thank you for shaping me and making me grow as a person. And Thank you for the show that was there for me when I was all alone.
"Team Free Will. An ex-blood junkie, a high school drop out with six bucks to his name, and Mr. Comatose over there. Awesome."doesntmattewhatshere


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