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Thinking of you, wherever you are..

Paw print divider by Little-Painter JD Atlas Paw print divider by Little-Painter
| mated | slytherin | leo | 18 | pansexual | young blood |
typical teenage douchebag who enjoys gaming in his boxers that
lives with his girlfriend, our 3 dogs & my cat. I make alot of jokes to
hide that im sad, and i get really jealous over the stupidest things.
I love Kingdom Hearts, Fall Out Boy & Supernatural and have been
a Wayward son since September 13, 2005. My favorite movie
series is The Avengers, & Harry Potter. I have a massive paw fetish
& im obsessed with zombies. I'm only alive because i drink way to
much monster and sometimes i believe im actually a wolf.
Im an avid supporter of making you believe in your art, or
yourself, and im always here if you need to talk.
JD. Tucker. Kyle. Edward. Balthazar. Daniel.

Supernatural by Arunaudo fall out boy stamp by mokkou
Kingdom Hearts Series Stamp by nakashimariku Powered By Monster by XeoPhoto
MARVEL The Avengers Group Stamp by TwilightProwler Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
I love Beagles by WishmasterAlchemist I love Giraffes by WishmasterAlchemist
▼ Mon chérie. ▼
i love you - plain and simple by hollyhox
You mean the fucking world to me.
Momma. Pops. Sis. Doc.
Otis. Brennly. Summer. Jazz.
Caden. Sam. Namey. Mars.

"Fear is killing us, but true love can survive. If we cooperate, we
can beat doubt. But first, rebuild trust. Take responsibility.
Happiness is still free, though not always apparent when it’s
right in front of us. So keep calm, it’s gonna get better."

-Patrick Martin Vaughn Stump

Starting a new journey may not be so hard

"I love you. I love you. Oh, Brother of mine." Sam. and Dean.
"Somewhere out there, there’s this tree
with star-shaped fruit, and the fruit
represents an unbreakable connection.
So as long as you and your friends carry
Good Luck charms shaped like it, nothing
can ever drive you apart."
-Aqua; Kingdom Hearts, Birth by Sleep


There are many worlds; But they all share the same sky.

"The Legend of the Paopu Fruit"
"If two people share one, their destinies
become intertwined. They’ll remain a part
of each other’s lives No matter what.”
-Riku; Kingdom Hearts I

One Sky; One Destiny

We pray for our sorrows to end & hope that our hearts will blend

This Song Saved My Life - Simple Plan

Now I will step forward to realize this wish & who knows,

Est. 5. 11. 13.
"One day when you’re in trouble, the light
within you will lead you to the light of
another. Someone to keep you safe.”
-Aqua; Kingdom Hearts, Birth by Sleep
I always seem to write these things while you're off having fun and
hanging out with people or something along those lines. And that's
alright. It leaves you something to come home to. It's been forever
since I've retyped this box. I've thought long and hard about the
perfect things to write here. And I finally decided. "To hell with it" I'll write what I feel, and thats it. It doesnt
require that much thought to tell you how much I love you.
See. Everyone in life has a person. A best friend, A boyfriend, a sidekick, a hero, an idol, a supported, a fan.
I however have managed to find all of that in one person. You. I've managed to find the one person in life
that I can cry to and that I can turn around and laugh with right after. I've never felt more free than since
the day you took over my life. A lot of things happen. And our lives are no exception. We've had a busy as
hell year. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. We've had our ups and downs. But we've had the
best ups I can possibly imagine. You are my sweet boy. And you have no idea how much it means to me to
be lucky enough to see you every single day for the rest of my life. Our story. It's an epic love story. And it
just keeps going from here. Now let's get right down to the point. You make me smile so much sometimes my
cheeks hurt. And you make me laugh so hard so much that my tummy hurts. It's the kind of thing that hurts,
but it's the kind of hurt that I love. I love you so so much. I love that when you talk to me, your voice will crack
when youre trying to be loud. I love when we sit in the car, or we sit/stand outside and I look over at you; and
your eyes get so bright. I love when we stand outside together with the dogs and I complain about them. I love
how silly you get, and that you make these faces for me to laugh at. I love that I can talk to you bout anything
in the world. I love that you're always so warm, and when I cuddle into you, I feel safe. I love when you kiss
me, I can feel that you love me. I love that you hold me at night when I ask you to, and I just. I love everything
you do for me. Because they mean so much. Picking me those flowers outside, comforting me when i'm sad,
making dirty comments once in a while, teasing me about my pants/shorts, etc; All of those little things you do
to put a smile on my big dumb face. I love you Tucker, you are. THE MOST amazing boy i've ever met in my life.
And the best part of that? I'll have you for the rest of mine. I can happily look at you now and forever and tell
you that you are my once in a lifetime. I've never been happier in my life, and I owe it all to you<333
I'm so fucking happy I met you, babe. You're my air. You're my boy<33
You're my prince, my Romeo, my Augustus. My Sherlock, my Hiccup, My Ron, my Sora, my everything.
I love you, sweetheart<3
Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Or maybe it has already begun.

"A lesson without pain is meaningless. For you cannot gain
anything without sacrificing something else in return. Although, if
you can endure that pain and walk away from it, you'll find you
have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstacle, yeah..
a heart made full metal."
-Edward Elric; Fullmetal Alchemist
"Whether it be an arm, or a leg, or even
my heart you can take it! So give him back...
Alphonse. and Edward.



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And how can I make amends? For all that I took from you? I led you with hopeless dreams, My brother, I was a fool.
Mister-Winchester Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
all this time I've been too afraid to ask you, but I need to know the truth, okay? Do you hate me? I wouldn't blame you if you did, but I gotta know. Do you hate me for all that's happened?
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